Who We Are

Advanced Thinker“Nonconventional” or “non-conventional” depending on the source of the definition, means generally what is not established by accepted usage or general agreement or, non-traditional.  When I chose the term “nonconventional”, I assiduously avoided the term “unconventional” because the prefix “un” which means not, gives “a negative or opposite force in adjectives and their derivative, adverbs and nouns. Examples include unfair, unheard of, unseen, unemployment and unrest.”

When you listen to my podcasts you will find that they present ideas, views and commentaries that are seldom mainstream or traditional. For me, convention or being conventional is quite boring and insipid and may be the root of many of the problems of the world because things don’t get changed, problems don’t get solved and the status quo ante prevails and humanity limps along in a state of mediocrity and mundaneness.

In my many years as a trial lawyer, an elected politician and community activist, I have railed against the conventional or the traditional. I’d like to think that my opposition to convention and tradition is because they are excuses for fear, laziness and the desire to go along to get along which is a recipe for the status quo.

advanced-thinkerOf the three factors which drive convention, fear is perhaps the most powerful. The fear I am talking about is that emotion which causes people to remain silent because they don’t want to bring attention to themselves by challenging the status quo or voicing a view that is not consistent with mainstream thinking. More often than not, I have had the experience where people will come up to me and in whispered or in a hushed voice will express their opposition to traditional thinking but in so doing, the court around them as if someone is watching or listening. Or, they may say to me that if I ever tell someone else what they said, they will deny it to their dying day.

The reason for my podcasts is that it is often problematic to get nonconventional ideas and thoughts into the public sphere especially through the media. It is interesting that the media seeks nonconventional events or conduct to spice up their news cycles. However, media wants to control the whole process through editing and it is therefore rare that they report nonconventional thoughts or ideas without their own spin.

This is the raison d’être for my podcasts and I hope that as you listen, that you will at least hear me out even though you may not in the end agree with me. In fact, are not so much interested in your agreement as I am in your views as to whether you find any merit in what I say or suggest.